Hairstyle Guide: 2015 Hair Trends

Genesis Beauty Hairstyle Trends 2015

We aren’t psychics, but we do have a pretty good feeling about what’s going to be HOT next year. Since the New Year is just around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect time to start exploring what hairstyles are going to be trending in 2015. Straight from the runways and red carpets, here are some of our favorite looks. Start exploring! Your fashion-forward clients will thank you.

BOHO WAVES This hairstyle was everywhere on the Spring 2015 runways. It doesn’t mean your clients have to wait until next season to rock this. The versatile look is appropriate for any season, any hair length, and any color. Boho waves are always sexy, always playful, and most of all always chic.

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BOLD COLORS & PASTELSIt’s time for your edgier clients to have some fun! Bold colors have grown in popularity this year, and in 2015 the trend is going to gain even more momentum. You don’t have to be a celebrity to make a hair-statement anymore. The new year will welcome more head-turning shades of blue, red, purple, pink, silver, and even green. Fun, bold colors are the perfect way for your clients to upgrade their look. For those looking to make a statement, but not brave enough to rock a head of blue locks, suggest colored tips or streaks.

Pastels are also a favorite for 2015. Perfect for the Winter season, help your clients beat their winter drab. The pastel pallet is still a bold statement, but with cooler shades that pop. Pastel colors look gorgeous—with the power to transform plain Janes into fairytale goddesses.

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EDGY PIXIE CUTS & AU-NATUREL MEDIUM LENGTHSGet your scissors, sheers, and razors ready! 2015 is bringing short hair back. With more and more celebrities losing their long extensions, short (natural) hair is going to be all the rage this year. Bobs, Lobs, and blunt medium-length cuts are the new big thing. Or, take it a step further and go Pixie. Help your clients channel their inner Rihanna, Miley, and more recently Kristin Stewart.

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WET-LOOK HAIR & SLEEK PONYTAILS This needs no explanation. The best of the 90’s are back! This look dominated the 2015 fashion runways. What’s great about this look is that your clients will easily be able to maintain this themselves. Suggest this style for your busy, on-the-go clients. It works with any haircut, any style, and any length!

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CREATIVE BRAIDS & BIG BUNSIt’s all about getting creative with braiding and buns. And by big buns we don’t mean Kardashian-style derrieres. You can even combine both for an even cooler updo. Start working those fingers, it’s not just the 5-year olds in our lives who want ‘Elsa hair’.

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BYE BYE OMBREFirst it was ombre. Then we welcomed the gorgeous balayage technique. This year it will be all about sombre, balayage, and finally flamboyage color techniques. Obvious dark-to-light locks will be a thing of the past in 2015.

Babylights are a beautiful trend picking up momentum. By carefully painting the color on, this look is softer than highlights. It creates a look that you’ve been spending your days at the beach basking in the sun. It is natural, youthful, and soft.

Strongstreaks is another look inspired by 90’s glam that will be big in 2015. Bolder highlights and strong ribbons running throughout the hair. You can go as thin or as thick as you’d like, but the thicker the streak the bolder the look.

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BIG HAIR DON’T CAREWho doesn’t love big, voluminous hair? This look is inspired by sexy bombshells like the legendary Victoria’s Secret Angels. Think big! Big blowouts, big soft curls, and volume. Stylists, put your flatirons down and pick up a roller brush!

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