About the Blogger


My name is Suzie and I have lived in Chicago for over 8 years. I have always had a passion for all things beauty—hair, makeup, nails, brows, lashes—you name it!  I am also passionate about helping others by spreading my knowledge of beauty and marketing. My hobbies include traveling, reading, doing hair, Sephora and following makeup artists on Instagram.  As a lover of all things ‘beauty’ I am thrilled to be contributing to this blog.

I have over 10 years of experience marketing in the salon, wellness, and aesthetic industries.  Along with my dynamic marketing experience, I am also a Genesis client—as co-owner of a hair salon & beauty lounge in Chicago.

I am a true believer in empowering others.  I don’t view other salons as competition, but rather as resources for bettering my understanding of the industry.  ‘Why compete when we can all work together and learn from each other’ is my mantra.  As a marketing consultant for Genesis Beauty, I help their business and their clients (salons, spas, & barbershops) by sharing my journey and knowledge with anyone willing to listen.

With experience working directly in a salon, medical spa, and a corporate aesthetic marketing company, I like to think I bring to the table a comprehensive understanding of the industry on many different levels.  I absolutely LOVE what I do!

I welcome you to join Genesis Beauty Co. in making the world a more beautiful place…one hair appointment at a time.



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