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Huda Kattan has always been a makeup enthusiast, for as long as I can remember.  She started a beauty blog a few years ago and is now a makeup and beauty ICON! She is the woman behind one of the world’s most visited beauty blogs.

HudaBeauty Blog Homepage

Her Blog’s homepage:

What started as a weekly ‘beauty tips’ email to her closest friends turned into a beauty empire.  Huda is now the owner of the fastest growing beauty brand in the Middle East, and pretty soon, the world.  Her blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook has millions of hits. No, not combined. Each!  She just celebrated reaching 3 MILLION Instagram  followers a month ago (@hudabeauty).  By the time this posts it will probably be closer to 4 million followers.  Read more about how she got her start here.



khaleda rajab linda farrow sunglasses

KR wearing her own designs

Khaleda Rajab (@khaledarajab) is a great example of using social media for business success. [KR] who is now a successful fashion designer, Khaleda Rajab Couture, began not too long ago. She has a very eclectic and over the top style—think Donatella Versace meets Lady Gaga circa 2012. Her funky style translates into her beautifully crafted designs.

She was never big on social media and never thought to use it to promote her artistic talent. She started a fashion blog but never had much success there since she isn’t too keen on words. She also failed to put in the time, so her posts were pretty sporadic. She has a short attention span unless it comes to fashion. Not a bad thing! She was busy working on bringing her designs to life and enjoying the social scene (partying with all the right people). Let’s call it networking!

About 3 years ago KR found out that Kim Kardashian was making a celebrity appearance in the city where she lives (Dubai), so she found a way to send some of her clothes to ‘Kim’s ‘people’.  The clothes ended up in the hands of Kim K’s makeup artist Joyce Bonelli (@joycebonelli) also known for her outrageous style.  KR had no idea until a few weeks later when I was browsing my Twitter feed and found some tweets (pics included!) between Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian, and Joyce Bonelli. Joyce was wearing one of KR’s designs and they were tweeting about it! I immediately called KR and told her. She was ecstatic!

joyce tweet2

@joycebonelli tweets a pic of herself wearing the KRC blazer

That’s ALMOST how it all started. She tweeted Joyce letting her know that she was the designer and if she ever wanted anything else to check out her collection. And she did! Joyce loved her stuff, wore it often, and even wore some designs on a few episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. True, she is just an ‘extra’ on the reality show, but Joyce does have celebrity status—especially in the beauty/fashion/makeup world. As a celebrity makeup artist, she has some very important celebrity friends—including Nicki Minaj who liked what she saw.  How amazing is that!?!?!?

Even then, KR did not consistently use Twitter to promote her clothing line. It wasn’t until an entire year or so later when Instagram became the next big thing that things began to really take off for her. Instagram is the perfect platform for her: Fashion. Pictures. Selfies. This was a lot more up her alley! She is better with pictures than words. KR is attractive, has amazing style, a quirky personality, and lives an exciting life that she loves to share with the world. She joined Instagram only two years ago and the rest is history.  She now has over 30,000 followers and frequents NYFW, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week…you name it.  Oh, and did I mention she designed a line of sunglasses for Linda Farrow?  Check out her amazing collection here.



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